The real estate landscape in Lauderhill is primed to be a seller’s market, and housing in Lauderhill is desirable due to many reasons. The year-round warm weather and prime coastal location are helping Lauderhill to stand out in many home buyers’ search for the ideal Florida destination.

Lauderhill is also attracting more and more retirees and families looking to relocate to warmer climates. The city is just a short drive from both the Atlantic Ocean’s sparkling shores and the pristine natural beauty of the Florida Everglades.

The city of Lauderhill also has an up-and-coming business community that is growing quickly, yet there is still enough room for small, family-owned businesses to thrive.

If you're looking to sell your home in Lauderhill, there are a number of ways you can give your home an extra edge. The best real estate agents in Lauderhill agree that making modest investments before putting your home on the market will pay your back tenfold, and these five investments will have potential home buyers flocking to your open houses.

Invest in Making a Stunning First Impression 

The first thing most potential home buyers will see if the curb-front picture of your home. Lauderdhill's top real estate agents will agree that this is the most important picture you'll have.

Having the front of your home repainted or simply professionally landscaping your front yard can mean the difference between a potential buyer making an offer or simply moving on to the next house. 

Invest in a Storage Unit 

Clutter is a killer when it comes to wooing a potential buyer. Investing in a storage unit for a few months is a great way to easily de-clutter your home in just a day or two. Most storage units will rent on a monthly basis, leaving you free to cancel at any time. 

Invest in Video 

A video tour of your home is a very simple investment that can make your home stand out as something special. By the time a potential home buyer reaches your online listing, they have likely looked at dozens of homes.

Keep your house from getting lost in the crowd with a professional video tour of your home. This can be as simple as setting the professional photos you have already had taken to music and adding on-screen text to highlight key features. You can also invest in a full 360-degree tour of your home’s interior, which will wow potential buyers. 

Invest in Small Repairs That Can Make a Big Difference 

Taking the time to do small repairs and minor upgrades can reap a big benefit when it comes time to begin showing your house. Things like leaky faucets, scuffed floors, or shocking paint colors can all halt a potential purchase offer in its tracks. A perfect time to do these repairs is during the winter season when the real estate market tends to slow down. 

Invest in Working with the Best 

Due to the fact that Lauderhill is often seen as simply a suburb of Fort Lauderdale, many real estate agents in the area cover many of the suburbs surround Fort Lauderdale as well as work into the Fort Lauderdale area.

When selecting an agent to sell your home, choose one that has a deep knowledge of the market for top real estate agents rather than viewing it as an outskirt community.

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Cover photo courtesy of Unsplash