Sunrise, sunshine and salt water—what is there not to like about the City of Sunrise? This is a beautiful location to move to if you want to be around the corner from multiple beaches and entertainment. It’s only a few miles away from Fort Lauderdale and Las Olas beaches. This city has many things to offer but is known for its landmarks, sights, shopping and more.

Landmarks, Entertainment and Lots of Sunshine 

There is always plenty to do in Sunrise. Whether you want to kick back and relax under the sun or get up and go on an adventure, there is an option for everything and everyone. Besides the cities entertainment and sunshine, there are many other benefits to living here. The city is filled with beautiful homes and condos that are on the market. The homeownership rate is 74.6% and therefore, the majority of the city is residential living, rather than tourists and visitors. Miami, Broward and Palm Beach, which are near housing in Sunrise, attract more of the tourist crowds. This makes the city of Sunrise a perfect place for families with children looking for a great education.

Great Schools

Sunrise has a highly ranked education system with eight public elementary schools, two public middle schools, one public high school and one charter school; as well as, three private schools.

Business Opportunites  

The well-rounded City of Sunrise is ranked 25th for businesses in the State of Florida. There are endless opportunities for any type of business ranging from small to large to corporate ones. The city currently has 11,394 businesses and will keep growing. The population of Sunrise is the largest it has ever been reaching 94,323 residents in 2017. Although it’s the 336th largest city in the United States, the cities growth is below average compared to similarly sized cities that have been growing faster since 2000. Sunrise is the perfect place for new homebuyers.

Whether someone wants to start or grow your business, start a family or simply enjoy the city, there are endless opportunities and benefits to real estate in Sunrise. If you're looking for a real agent, let Effective Agents match you to the perfect person for you! They've done years of research and can select an agent with your home preferences, price point, and location in mind. 

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