With an average home price in Hollywood, Florida of almost $260,000, home sellers should have no problem getting fair value for their property, especially using the best realtors® in Hollywood. Real estate in in this area is at an all-time high, and with housing in Hollywood at such low inventory, this is a great time to sell. Here’s everything you need to consider when selling your home in Hollywood, Florida:

Curb Appeal Matters 

The first thing a potential home buyer sees when they arrive for a showing is the curb appeal of your Hollywood house. Your buyers will be paying attention to it, so you should, too. Take care to ensure that all of your front yard landscaping is neat and attractive. If possible, paint the front door and install new hardware like a door knocker and door knob. Place a pretty flower pot near the front steps. All these things add curb appeal to your home. 

Move Extra Things to Storage 

One of the secrets that you should know about selling a home fast is to make it look larger by moving things into storage. Try to make your home look as minimalistic as possible. Since you’re moving anyway, it pays to start by decluttering. You don’t have to get rid of items: just put them into storage for now. The same goes for extra pieces of furniture that can make a room look too crowded. You want the buyers to have plenty of room to walk around and feel how spacious the house is. 

Entertain the First Offer 

If you get an offer on your house, but it’s too low, don’t simply turn it down. You can get the potential buyers to make a better offer by making a counteroffer. Once you begin the bargaining process, you’ll be getting the buyers emotionally involved in buying your home. Soon, they won’t want to walk away, and they might be willing to give you the full asking price for your Hollywood home. 

Be Ready to Move 

Sometimes, the buyers will want to close quickly on the house, and this can take sellers by surprise. You should start planning now on arranging a place to move to in case you have to leave earlier than expected. Some sellers move into an apartment temporarily until they can find a new home. Others move in with parents or other family just until they can close on a second home. 

Take Plenty of Photographs 

Once it’s time to move out of your Hollywood home, you won’t be able to return. Take plenty of photographs of the place so you can reminisce about it in the future. If you have kids, they’ll appreciate having these pictures as a memento of their childhood home. 

These are all important points to consider when you sell your home in Hollywood. Selling a home is an exciting time in your life, and  these considerations will help to make it go as smoothly and effortlessly as possible!

If still find you need the help of a real estate agent, then consider consulting with one of the best performing realtors® in Hollywood, Florida. In addition to meeting key thresholds including a quantitative review, these realtors® will be matched to you with your home preferences, price point, and location in mind.

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Cover photo courtesy of Unsplash