Living in South Florida, it can feel like the only things to do here are related to partying or heading to the beach. But that's a bit of a misconception. There are actually lots of things to do with your family in Ft. Lauderdale. From museums and surf schools, you can pack up your spouse and your kids and head out for a day of wholesome fun. 

While South Florida is known for its beaches, it isn't really considered a surfing hot spot. But there is plenty of opportunities down here to learn how to surf, or even competitively surf down here. One business catering to this niche is Ft. Lauderdale's Living Water Surf School. Not only do hold surfing lessons, the Living Water Surf School also hosts surf parties. The school promises real-world surfing experience with their lessons, and a wet and wild time if you opt for a party. 
South Florida has a rich history, and there's no better place to learn about it than the Bonnet House Museum & Gardens. This vintage home was added to the U.S. National Register of Historic Places in 1984. Originally built in 1895, this plantation-style home is rich in history. But a step back in time isn't the only reason to visit. The Bonnet House holds tours of the ground which are home to a variety of exotic animals such as Amazon parrots, squirrel monkeys, and manatees. 
In addition to being a hotbed of nightlife and culture, South Florida is also home to one of country's best national parks. Visiting the Everglades feels like going out on a safari, and you're never sure what surprises are in store when you visit. You may come across an alligator, or maybe some exotic birds. Whatever you see, your helpful tour guides will be knowledgeable enough to answer all your questions. 


Water Taxi

Ft. Lauderdale has over 300 miles of navigable waterways and spending the day on a Ft. Lauderdale Water Taxi is one of the best ways to get to know your city more intimately. These water taxis are a unique experience that provides a view of this glamorous city from a new, up close and personal perspective. A day pass carries you through 19 stops, including Las Olas Riverfront, satisfying all your shopping and sightseeing needs.

Ft. Lauderdale's Museum of Discovery and Science is an adventure for all no matter how big or small. From exciting shows to archaeological digs and simulated hurricane winds, the Museum of Discovery and Science is a veritable playground for educational family fun in Ft. Lauderdale. With all there is to do, spending the whole day here is pretty easy. 
As part of the Museum of Discovery and Science's mission of educating and entertaining, the IMAX theater offers a unique opportunity to experience unique informative content. It's really a visual experience unlike any other whether you're watching a blockbuster film or an interactive, educational vignette. 
The Jungle Queen is another adventure through Ft. Lauderdale's waterways that provide a new view of the city. This boat tour takes you through the famous "Millionaire's Row" and includes an all-you-can-eat dinner as you watch the sunset. Few things can beat dinner with a view. 
While a Sunday Market offering some of the area's best organic produce doesn't seem like something that be ideal for kids, this may be an exception. With arts, crafts and more, there is plenty for your kids to take in while you shop for the best healthy food to serve your family later that day. 
If you're part of a family in Ft. Lauderdale, it may feel like nearly everything caters to the local singles crowd. And while that is true in many cases, there are still activities offering lots of things to do with your family fun Ft. Lauderdale. So, check one of these out! 

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Cover photo by Natalya Zaritskaya on Unsplash