Anyone can fire up a grill and make a burger, but making a truly great burger requires a bit more than just an open fire, ground beef, fixings, and condiments. A truly great burger is a savory symphony of flavors, not something you can just order at a drive-thru. If you want an order of greatness with a side of fries (and maybe a cocktail or beer), check out our list of where to eat the best burgers in Fort Lauderdale.

Originally a sandwich shop, Charm City Burger Co. has evolved into a top-notch burger pit stop. Its motto “We make slow food…FAST!” perfectly describes their culinary ethos because, while many restaurants trade quality for quantity, Charm City’s food prep process enables them to serve you a five-star quality meal with drive-thru speed. And while they may be a handful, you’ll quickly learn why their half foot-tall burgers are the taste of the town.
There’s been an upswing in the number of chain restaurants serving gourmet-caliber food in the past decade. They’ve quickly grasped a significant share in a market that fast food chains once cornered. With their hearty, made-to-order burgers, BurgerFi is one of those upscale restaurants biting into the fast food market. Offering premium Kobe beef and Wagyu patties on freshly-toasted buns, these expertly-crafted burgers will make you never want to step foot into a major chain again.
Come for the beers, stay for the burgers. Tap 42 is renowned as one of Fort Lauderdale’s best craft beer joints, but few people realize that their menu includes a couple of the best burgers in the city. Their savory Prohibition Burger is topped with white cheddar, Dijonaisse, and Applewood bacon, but it’s their Avocado Burger that’s so dangerously good it should be taken off the market. Made with 100% lean turkey and topped with Swiss cheese, Dijonaisse, and cranberry-apple relish, the Avocado Burger will make you a Tap 42 regular.
The demand for gourmet-caliber burgers has lead to an evolution in burger preparation and ingredients of burgers, which is a great thing, but every now and then you want a classic, old-fashioned burger. Jack's Old Fashion Hamburger proves there's still a place for classics in an ever-expanding and diverse market. If you want an old school diner-style burger, then this is the place you need to go.
Serving all-American burgers, J Mark's is a stylized mid-market restaurant that caters to those seeking an upscale locale but willing to get their hands dirty (an interesting combination). And you'll definitely get your hands dirty when you take a bite out of stacked favorites like the Havarti Cajun Burger or the Double Stacked BLT if you've really worked up an appetite.

Green Bar & Kitchen

Though temporarily closed, Green Bar & Kitchen embodies the concept of wholesome eating with vibrant vegetables and a plant-based approach. Often times healthy options seem to cost an arm and a leg, but this restaurant makes eating healthier easier with affordable prices. While it's usually hard to call burgers a "healthy option," burgers at Green Bar & Kitchen certainly come pretty close. Their GBK Smokehouse Burger, for example, comes with brown rice, quinoa, chickpea, roasted vegetables, parsley, sunflower seeds, garlic, spice mix, melted "cheese", caramelized onions, and barbecue sauce all on a burger bun. This is probably the healthiest indulgence when it comes to fast food fare!

Shuck N Dive

If we know anything about Cajun food, it's that their burgers are delicious, and Shuck N Dive is no exception. This spot revels in its dive bar aesthetic, and they have a surprisingly extensive menu with just about everything: shrimp, tacos, and, of course, burgers. While their other burgers are delicious, try the Gator Burger for a real taste of the Cajun cooking- you won't regret it!

Like help, a good burger can be hard to find, but this comprehensive list breaks down where to find the best burgers in Fort Lauderdale.
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