In a city like Fort Lauderdale, you're essentially on the ground floor of what's trendy in South Florida with the emergence of buzzing, new bars and restaurants. However, sometimes you just want escape from the crowds and the fads. Fortunately, Fort Lauderdale has plenty of restaurants where you can "get away from it all." Just like real treasure, these hidden gems are scattered around this big city, which makes finding them all the more fun. Find your new favorite restaurant at one of Fort Lauderdale's hidden gems!

The Laser Wolf

Laser Wolf is a pretty low-key restaurant that caters to Ft. Lauderdale locals. There are usually have around 100 beer options, making it one of the city's best craft beer bars. It's also less than a 10-minute drive from downtown Fort Lauderdale, but The Laser Wolf is so far off the beaten path that you might pass it if you weren't looking for it. But once you do discover it, you'll definitely become a regular because of the great beer selection and the casual, fun atmosphere with its old-school arcade games. What's better than playing Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and sipping a beer?

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The Riverside Market

Slowly growing in popularity, this Ft. Lauderdale restaurant is still removed enough to maintain some anonymity. The Riverside Market is the perfect place to kick back with one of 500 bottled beers available. In addition to an incredible beer selection, they also have plenty of board games for those of you with competitive streaks.

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CRAFT on 14

Plantation isn't known as a hot spot. After all, it's a suburb west of Downtown Ft. Lauderdale. But this makes it an ideal location for one of Ft. Lauderdale's hidden gems. Craft on 14 gets just enough word of mouth to attract a steady stream of clientele that includes beer enthusiasts and hungry locals. However, it's out of the way enough so it isn't overly-packed. If there's one complaint about Craft on 14, it's that it isn't open late night. So be sure to get there in the early evening!

Atelier 3

If you grew up in South Florida, coffee shops like this seem to be exclusive to cities like New York, Boston and Seattle; we're more accustomed to chain coffee shops. Atelier 3, however, is a hip coffee shop in Fort Lauderdale with a warm atmosphere, spacious seating, board games, and live music. If you're not in the mood for coffee, they also have a pretty good selection of red and white wines. 

Shabo's Barbecue

If you're having trouble finding good Mediterranean barbecue, look no further than Shabo's Barbecue Restaurant. Their authentic dishes are delicious with generous portions but still affordable: the perfect trifecta for a great lunch or dinner. If you do happen to stop by for dinner, they often have belly dancers performing. Dinner is always better with a show!

Ye Olde Falcon Pub

Falcon Pub meets your heart's desire if you like dive bars because it's laidback and a little grungy. Regulars comprise most of its business, but newcomers are welcomed with open arms. The beer and liquor menu is large, diverse, and reasonably priced, and the food options range from health-conscious to truly decadent. And, like any self-respecting dive bar, there's a jukebox playing classic rock records, too.

PRL Euro Cafe 

Beer and wine: that's all you need to know about PRL Euro Cafe. If you like these beverages, then you'll be happy here. PRL Euro Cafe is the spot for anyone who doesn't need frills to enjoy a good drink. They don't serve food, but there is a good pizza-by-the-slice place called Mauro Pizza next door. Cheese and wine, anyone?

While this city is known for its beaches and nightlife, Fort Lauderdale's hidden gems are what give it its character. More than just a tourist destination, it has a personality of its own and a unique culture.

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