There are few better meals than a tender, juicy premium steak. If you have had steak at various restaurants, however, then you know that not all steaks are equally succulent. There's so much that goes into the perfect steak: the cut of the meat, it's age, preparation methods, and seasoning. Skip the dry, flavorless fillets from run-of-the-mill restaurants and go to one of Fort Lauderdale's best steakhouses for the right cut.

Chuck's Steak House

Chuck's Steak House is definitely a steak lover's steakhouse. Not only does it offer the usual ribeyes and Angus strips you expect, but they also serve creative, new twists on the classics like theyr'e Teriyaki ribeye that's absolutely mouth-watering. And because no steak dinner would be complete without wine, Chuck's also has a great wine menu. 


Located in the W Hotel, Steak 954 is the swankiest steakhouse in Fort Lauderdale, so be sure to dress your best before digging in. Their Kobe beef steak is delicious, but their veal chops are also a good option if you want something different or aren't a steak fan.

If you're in Hollywood Beach and the mood for steak, JWB Prime Steak and Seafood is definitely worth checking out. Their bone-in ribeye steaks have locals and tourists alike clamoring to this steakhouse, and if you enjoy a good drink and dessert with your meal, you'll love their wine list and dessert menu. 

A list of Fort Lauderdale's best steakhouses isn't complete without including the local granddaddy. Tropical Acres Steakhouse is the county's oldest steakhouse and has been serving up scrumptious steaks since 1949. In addition to the great food, there's a lot of charm and character because of its historic locale. 

If you like your steak with a view, the Downtowner Saloon is an ideal option. This steakhouse sits on the water, and there's an endless procession of boats and yachts passing by as you dine on perfectly-prepared strips of steak. 

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Morton's Steakhouse

While chain restaurants aren't typically on our lists, Morton's Steakhouse is a worthy exception. It's name is synonymous with quality steaks, so you can't go wrong dining here. As you would expect, the menu here is quite long and diverse from their center cut fillet mignons to their Cajun ribeye steaks. 

Diplomat Prime

Diplomat Prime doesn't have the cache and name recognition of some of the other steakhouses on this list, but it's menu definitely warrants its place. The kitchen's executive chef is a Steak 954 alum, so you know their steaks the is delicious.

The first cut into a good piece of steak is a moment unlike any other, so make it count at one of Fort Lauderdale's best steakhouses that promise savory gastric experiences.

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