Whether you met by swiping right, were introduced through a friend, or you’re in a long-term committed relationship, the search for the best date spots in Broward County is constant. Luckily, with its combination of captivating waterfront views, quirky shops, bars in Fort Lauderdale, and a classy-but-laid-back atmosphere, there are plenty of Broward County date spots to spark a new flame or rekindle an old one.

Vinos on Las Olas 

Speaking of wine, it’s hard to go wrong with wine on a date. Vinos on Las Olas is located in the heart of Las Olas Boulevard but remains conspicuous because it’s located within a short hall that resembles an alleyway. Just beyond that hall is a stylish, romantic and warm patio decked out with couches, umbrellas, and tables. As expected, Vinos serves a large variety of wine and tapas to be paired with your choices, but also offers a great selection of wine in case you’re more in the mood for a brew.

Chimney House is one of the city's truly hidden gems. Quaint, cozy and vintage best describe this Pan-Latin fusion establishment, which is a circa-1924 home converted into a restaurant. Ceviche and fish tacos are among the most popular dishes, and you’ll definitely want to consider their seafood entrees. While the interior is warm and stylized with wood floors and a red-brick fireplace, try and secure an outdoor seat if you can. There’s a great view of the Ft. Lauderdale skyline and marina just across the street.

The Aqua Golf Driving Range

If you like a little competition, the Aqua Golf Driving Range definitely qualifies as one of the best date spots in Broward County. Competitive activities are often good icebreakers for first dates, but can also a great time for those in a serious relationship. While bowling is overdone and miniature golf can be lame, a driving range offers a different experience that's still physical and interactive. For those familiar with the late-90s comedy “There’s Something About Mary,” the Aqua Golf Driving Range will look familiar as it was featured in a scene in the film. So grab a drink, grab a golf club and a bucket of balls and drive away.

Hollywood Beach Boardwalk

Chock full of restaurants, bars, funky shops and more, the Hollywood Boardwalk is the perfect date-on-the-go. Particularly if you can’t decide on a location. There’s enough activity that you could probably just wander up and down the boardwalk and enjoy yourself people-watching and window-shopping. But if you’d like to settle down for a more traditional date, there are a number of restaurants and bars that range from a hole-in-the-wall to chic to check out. The sheer number and variety of possibilities make the boardwalk one of the best date spots in Broward County.

Atelier 3

Coffee shops are a great laid-back option for a date and particularly first dates with someone you don’t know well yet. And Atelier 3 in Hollywood may very well be the coolest coffee shop in the county. Conveniently located right off the Hollywood Circle, the fun atmosphere can fit whatever mood you may be in when you arrive. Upon entering, you’ll be greeted by comfortable couches and tables and an assortment of games. This is the perfect location for a quiet chat or a fun game while sipping a warm brew. Just beyond the initial room lies the bar where patrons order Atelier’s finely crafted Joe, as well as a small stage for their frequent live performances. Oh, and if the date is going well... Atelier 3 also serves wine by the glass and the bottle.

Paying the Museum of Discovery and Science a visit offers an opportunity to try something different. Not only is it more intellectually stimulating than your typical dinner or wine date, but its assortment of interactive exhibits and dioramas are also great icebreakers. Tickets are just $15, so it's an affordable way to get to know someone as well. As a bonus, there's an IMAX theater next door if you want to catch a movie, and Downtown Fort Lauderdale's bars and restaurants are a short walk away too. 
With its spacious setting and laid-back atmosphere, Funky Buddha Brewery is one of Broward's ideal date spots. Especially for a blind/first date. It's nice enough that each of you will put forth your best efforts but relaxed enough that there isn't a ton of pressure and anxiety. And Funky Buddha's seemingly limitless selection of beer, you'll have plenty of libations to sample and share. And if you're in the mood for a quick bite, there's piping hot food sold in the back section. 
If Funky Buddha is ideal for laid-back dates, The Capital Grille satisfies the other end of the spectrum. Few places do romance like The Capital Grille, so you'll want to dress your best. You'll want to bring your appetites because their menu is one of the best around, from aged steaks to lobster mac and cheese, you're bound to leave happy even if Cupid didn't strike over dessert.
It's hard to beat dinner with a view. Especially when that dinner includes some of the best seafood Ft. Lauderdale has to offer. In addition to their fantastic menu, Boatyard's drink menu is second to none. Their bartenders excel at crafting the highest quality cocktails, so you'll be sure to catch your best buzz while cozying up to your companion for the evening. 
One of Ft. Lauderdale's best craft beer bars doubles as one of the city's best date locations. A hipster-ish lounge, Riverside Market has more than 500 bottled brews for your sampling pleasure. Since it's a self-serve bar, dates can make the most of their time by selecting beers for each other. It's more than just a craft beer bar, they also have a full menu so you and your new interest can grab a bite if hunger strikes. 

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