Are you looking for a florist in Fort Lauderdale to make vibrant, unique arrangements for your special someone? There are over 20 flower shops in town, but for important times like Valentines Day, you don't want to settle for anything less than the perfect bouquet. For roses, chocolates, stuffed animals, and more, go to one of the best five florists in Fort Lauderdale.

Enchantment Florist

Enchantment Florist is a storefront on South Andrews Avenue in Fort Lauderdale that offers a fair price for floral arrangements any time of the year. They have rose bouquets for $35 with three roses, baby's breath, greenery, and a vase with a big red bow. They also have much more intricate floral arrangements for those who are looking to spend more on their loved one. You can get up to 24 roses in an array of red, pink, and peach flowers. You can also add a box of chocolates, balloons, or a giant stuffed animal of your choosing to any of their arrangements too add that extra element of romance.

DGM Flowers & Events

DGM Floral and Events is located in a shopping center on the corner of North State Road 7 and West Broward Avenue in Fort Lauderdale. They win over each customer with their attention to detail and array of options. They offer more intimate, romantic arrangements like their You & Me bouquet which includes two roses with baby’s breath, greenery, and a tall, sleek vase tied together with a dramatic red bow. They also offer arrangements with an array of flower types. Their Joyful Heart bouquet has lilies, roses, carnations, peonies, and hydrangeas all in gorgeous variations of pink. Their prices are fair for the attention to detail and presentation they give to each arrangement.  

Brigitte's Flowers Galore

By looking at the outside of Brigitte’s Flowers Galore, you wouldn’t think that their arrangements are as vibrant, precise, and large as they are since it's a small, white shop on Griffin Road, but it has regular customers that have been returning every anniversary and Valentine's Day for years. A bouquets of three roses from Brigitte’s are only $30 and come in a range of colorful vases. They have glass and ceramic vases in many different colors and shapes, which allows their customers a variety of options to choose from. They also provide chocolates and custom hand-written cards with their arrangements.

Flower City Florist

Flower City Florist offers all different kinds of flowers and floral arrangements, and their vast variety of bouquets sets them apart from the other flower shops in Fort Lauderdale. They have fresh flowers, silk flowers, and artificial flowers that are sure to meet your needs for your next special occasion. They offer arrangements for your yacht in case you’re lucky enough to own one. Their prices are a bit more expensive than most of the other places in Fort Lauderdale, but you’ll be blown away by the bouquets and arrangements that are delivered to you. A dozen roses are $75 for a vase and some greenery. 

Flowers of Fort Lauderdale

Flowers of Fort Lauderdale is located on East Oakland Park Boulevard, about a five-minute drive from the beach and one of the most reliable florists in the area. Customers enjoy the many options and unique style that the Florists of Fort Lauderdale display through their bouquets. Their customers are willing to pay the above-average prices because their arrangements always exceed standards. Their bouquets range from $80 to $400 for special occasions like weddings and funerals.

Whether you're celebrating Valentine's Day, an anniversary, or other special occasion, make sure you only go to one of the best five florists in Fort Lauderdale for the most beautiful bouquets.

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Cover photo courtesy of Pixabay