Fort Lauderdale calls you to keep its haunted history alive not just on Halloween but every day of the year. Do something different this weekend and relive the city's rich past as tragic history becomes the stuff of paranormal happenings right before your eyes on these ghost tours in Fort Lauderdale.

Capone's Ghostly Pub Walk

Capone's Ghost Pub Walk in Fort Lauderdale features the life and crimes of Al Capone and begins at none other than Capone's, the infamous gangster's dive and speakeasy. This chilling drink-and-stroll ghost tour takes you into the Historic District where hauntings attributed to the crimes of “Public Enemy Number One” abound.

The larger-than-life legend of Al Capone invites you to spend a Friday or Saturday evening walking in his shoes or perhaps, even more fitting, trembling in your own. From Chicago to Fort Lauderdale and the Bahamas to Alcatraz, Capone is a name both celebrated and feared by the spirits of the living and the dead.

Fort Lauderdale Ghost Tour

A “ghostbusters dream-come-true” may be the best way to describe the Fort Lauderdale Ghost Tour. Started in 2004 by John Marc Carr, author of Haunted Fort Lauderdale, this ghost tour takes you on a spooktacular yet educational historic journey through some of the oldest and most haunted locales in the area.

Try not to shriek as you hear the recorded EVPs of apparitions calling out or gasp at ghostly photo bombs captured by previous visitors. But keep your eyes wide open because you're encouraged to shoot some of the city’s more photogenic ghosts with your own camera.

Ghosts and Gangsters Tour

The complete history of Fort Lauderdale's criminal and paranormal activity are combined for your ­­frightful pleasure in the Ghosts and Gangsters Tour. From plundering pirates to rum-running Capone and the more modern-day Cocaine Cowboys, you'll get a feel for the darker side of the city and maybe even catch a glimpse of a lingering spirit along the way.

Massacres, murders, bootleggers, and gangsters set the stage for the unwelcome hauntings of Fort Lauderdale’s pubs, residences, and historic sites. If tragedy attracts and imprisons the other-worldly, then nothing can be more real than the hauntingly true stories of Fort Lauderdale’s living dead.

With so many spine-tingling locations to visit in October, there's no better time to take one of these memorable ghost tours in Fort Lauderdale. Just make sure to call ahead for times, dates, and reservations before embarking on your ghostly investigation.

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Cover photo courtesy of Pxhere